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Top Gun Workshops offers several commercial financing training programs for beginners and professional alike. We frequently add, replace and upgrade our training programs. Below is a list of the training programs current available.

Basic Self Paced Online Training Program

This is our core program developed for beginners. This self paced training program is designed to be completed over a 8 Week period and consist of 8 weekly actions and activities for fast and effective learning.

Week 1: Introduction and orientation to commercial financing.
This training program is designed to provide a firm and solid introduction to commercial financing and commercial investing as a business. Emphasis is placed on commercial financing as a business first and foremost and investing secondly.

Week 2: Lender selection and interview. The trainee is provided with lenders list and interview questions to assist with the selecting of the best commercial lender. The main purpose of this exercise is to introduce the trainee to concept of approaching "Commercial Lenders as Vendors" for the purpose of learning how to interact effectively with commercial lenders.

Week 3: Selecting A Market And How To Build Strong Lender Relationships.
This Week the focus is to begin building a step by step process of building a long term lender relationship and to gather and compile your marketing materials.

Week 4:  Developing Your  Marketing Plan
This Week you are provided with a step by step plan for launching your first marketing plan for locating qualified clients in record time. You are provided with numerous resources and methods for marketing your commercial programs. 

Week 5: Introduction to Wholesaling Commercial Properties.
In this session, we illustrate our step by step system for Wholesaling Commercial Properties. You'll learn how to locate professional Buyers and Sellers without Realtors and how to structure Buy Sell Agreements. You will contact these "Professional Buyers" for the purpose OF identifying what properties they are seeking to purchase and to identify which properties they current have available for sale.  Once your initial research is complete, you will position yourself to bring commercial properties to these "professional buyers" and to bring qualified buyers to these investors both as a "Fee Based " service. Here is where you will learn how to Wholesale Commercial Properties.

Week 6: Wholesaling Commercial Properties
This Week you will begin working directly with "Professional Buyers And Sellers for the purpose of conducting "Surveys of the properties they have available and properties they are seeking to purchase. You will  know exactly what they want to buy or sell.

Week 7: Commercial Wholesaling Basics- The Finer Points
Here is where you learn the fine points of Commercial Property Wholesaling. Here we discuss Time Value Of Money, The Financial Equation, Cash Flow Analysis, How To use a financial calculator to calculate payments and discounts, Cap rates, calculation NOI AND Values like a Lender. This training ends with an actual commercial property analysis as your assignment.

Week 8: Commercial Wholesaling Basics- Developing A Long Term Strategy
You are take what you have learned and develop a long term business strategy, marketing plan, alliances and a solid long term business plan for growing your business at a manageable pace and rate. 

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Professional Home Business System

Top Gun Commercial Financing Home Business System
The Top Gun Home Business System goes way beyond the basic training module and was developed to build a multi million dollar home business system using the multi family financing system. This is the exact system that generated over $500 Million in commercial transaction in only 60 Days. This program is included with this system in addition to the lenders, marketing materials and the exact marketing system he used to locate over $500 Million In Commercial Loans in only 60 Days without any Realtors Or Brokers. Additionally, this new system includes a complete commercial financing business set up PLUS training and assistance with your first transaction.

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Web 2.0 Coaching Format
In recent years, we have integrated more and more online training programs as technology continues to improver.

This has created a more cost effective method to make our training available to more people for less. Rather than having live workshops requiring the attendees to have to pay airfare AND hotel expenses, the use of new technology makes it possible focus to bring the same learning experience to individuals in their homes. We  are currently using Web Cast, Tele-Conferences and Webinars to replace some of our Live Events. The use of Webinars has improved the effectiveness of our training programs at a more affordable price point for more members.


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