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Option 1: We can provide you with the tools to do it yourself.

We can provide you with solid lenders to discuss your financing options with. These are not just any lenders. They are not brokers or middlemen. These are highly professional investors and unconventional funding sources. We won't just give you these valuable leads, we will qualify them and personally introduce you to 2 of them as part of this service. And, if for some reason you are not able to put your deal together, we'll assist you by giving you some other financing options.  This option is great for investors, brokers and beginners alike

By using this option, you can eliminate BIG broker fees like the ones I am paid for brokering commercial loans like yours. This is a very viable solution for Investors and Brokers seeking solid funding sources to work with. We charge a small fee for this service but you save BIG. Most importantly, you get to work directly with the funding sources.

For more information, contact us from our contact page here!

Option 2: We Can Do It ALL For You ....

This option frees you up to run your business and to focus on the things that matter the most to you. Locating the financing will be our job. We will underwrite and originate your loan request. That's what we do best. I can serve as your exclusive agent. My fee for this service is only 3% of the GROSS Funding amount and a Small Equity Position depending on the complexity of your transaction. What better partner could you have, than one that can secure the financing you need for your current and future projects. 

With this service, we provide the financing and can even locate and underwrite your commercial properties. You simply 

If you are serious about beginning this process, and not just curious, then click the hand below to get the ball rolling. We only need 48 hours to do our research. For more information, contact us from our contact page here! 

Option 3: We Can Do It With You ...

We can consult with and assist you in structuring and negotiating the terms and conditions of your loan as needed. We will help you to decide which is the best route to take based on your individual situation and objectives. We can consult with you in two ways:

  • Basic Consultation: Initial one time consultation includes package review, a strategy for  approaching and presenting your project. Lender punch list of negotiable items such as: non-recourse financing, exit clauses, how to reduce or eliminate pre-payment penalties and whether to offer Equity Participation or not. Our fee for this private consultation is $1,275.00 per session.

    Spend a little and save a lot in time, money and headaches. We will help you to develop a solid plan and strategy for securing your financing. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • Gold Consultation: We will work exclusively for you from beginning to the closing to assure that you will get the best terms and conditions available. You provide the Lender and we will monitor and advise you every step of the way. There is no fee for this service. We do require 20% equity participation in your project though. This equity participation will be secured against a income producing property in the form of a promissory note.

    If you prefer a fee based service in lieu of equity participation, our fees range from $2,500.00 to $5,000.00 depending on our level of involvement . Terms are to be negotiated. For more information, contact us from our contact page

Option 4: Co-Brokering Opportunities

If you are a Broker and need assistance or an outlet for placing your current projects, then can't help you. We only work with our members.

Option 5: We Can - Pre Underwrite Your Commercial Deals

Unlike other commercial brokers, we have in house underwriting abilities. This means we can qualify and obtain Funding Commitments and LOI's from our Lenders in days And Often in hours rather than weeks.

We can underwrite your loans for a Flat Fee and provide you with a professionally underwritten loan package that will be accepted by any lending institution.

What does this mean?

If you are a borrower, it means you can utilize this service and have a pre-underwritten loan package to submit to your lenders in days. You will also be able to see the strength or weakness in your proposal before submitting to any lenders. We provide free updates for 60 days. You don't have to submit your loans through us to use this service either. Once you receive your loan package, you can take it where you want. Of course we would like to have your business but it not a requirement for this service.

If you are a Broker, you can use this service to provide your clients with a pre-underwritten loan package and charge what you want for the service.
If you place your loan through us, there's no charge for the service.

Because of the underwriting guidelines we use, we have the ability
For more information, contact us

Option 6: Financing And Property Placement Program

Due to relationships with property owners and funding sources, we have the ability to provide a turn key property and financing solution. Simply put, we can provide you with a 90% loan and deliver to you, the property and the financing in one (1) transaction. This is our 2 in 1 program. We provide you with a long term professional tenant, a commercial property leased by the tenant and the financing for the property also. Where else can you find a total turn key solution like this? Contact us directly regarding this program.

Note: With a down payment of $50,000.00, we can leverage you into a $500,000 property with 90% LTV financing. We only provide these term through this program only! Serious inquiries only. Verification of funds is required. No brokers! Principals only!

Option 7: Commercial Financing Training Programs.

We are one of the few services that provide extensive and complete Commercial Financing And Commercial Investing Training. From basic to advance financing Boot Camps to complete and custom Home Business Systems, we provided it all. Commercial Financing and Investing is all we do.



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